Behind the Canvas: POP! Needle Arts

Your name/where you're from:
Martha Linyard/Dallas, TX
Where can people find your designs? and your LNS!

Where can people follow you on social?



How did you learn to needlepoint? What was your first needlepoint project?
I’ve been cross stitching since 2007, and decided to learn to needlepoint on my own in 2019. I was pregnant with my daughter so my first project was Silver Needle’s Goodnight Moon room. I have mostly stuck with needlepoint since then!
What is your favorite stitch? What stitch are you hoping to learn/do next?
I love T-Stitch because it gives great coverage so quickly. I am hoping to use Sirna Star next, but the compensation needed is intimidating me!
What are your favorite threads to use? 
I really love Planet Earth wool, Rainbow Gallery’s Glisten, and Fleur de Paris’ Bella Lusso. I am a wool gal.
What made you want to paint your own pieces?
I have always enjoyed painting, and I wanted designs that I couldn’t find anywhere. After previously designing and stitching my own cross stitch patterns, I knew painting canvas wouldn’t be a far stretch. 
Describe your canvases in three words:
Quirky, unique, colorful
What inspires you most when creating new designs?
Pop culture, for sure!
What has been your favorite canvas to paint?
I love painting my Adequate Vibes canvas- the colors are so fun.
What has been your favorite canvas to stitch?
My self-finishing cherries barrette. I added beading to the cherries for extra sparkle.
What is one piece of advice for painting your own canvas?
Finding the right consistency for your paint is crucial. It’s what gives you rich color for even coverage and it helps to speed the process along since you’re not having to constantly dip your brush.
Where is your favorite place to stitch?
On my couch at night after my daughter has gone to bed— peace at last.
If you're not needlepointing you're...
working as a pediatric occupational therapist or spending time with my husband and daughter.
What three items do you always have in your project bag?
A pair of cheap scissors for metallic threads, my silicone thimbles, extra Tulip needles.
What shows are you currently watching?
I am an avid Real Housewives watcher (I watch all the cities). Other than that, we watch Jeopardy, whatever Star Wars series is out, and lots of true crime series.
What is your favorite podcast?
Watch What Crappens… I’m telling you, I can’t get enough housewives. It’s my ongoing sociology project.
Who is your favorite needlepoint or non-needlepoint follow on Instagram right now?
My favorite needlepoint follow right now is @unchiffonfonfon. Her cartonnage finishes are impeccable and really bring the stitched designs to life. My favorite non-needlepoint follow is @diet_prada for their snarky takes on the fashion industry.
If time and money were no issue, what type of needlepoint project would you want to do?
A large ottoman cover for our ottoman that serves as our coffee table.. I envision a  multicolor Turkish motif inspired by traditional rugs.

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