Penny Linn x LIKHÂ Bag Launch

We are SO excited to be partnering with LIKHÂ to bring you our newest self-finishing product - the Fancy Clutch! Penny Linn and LIKHÂ were originally introduced through a friend in the industry and we're so grateful for that! After many many months of figuring out the best colors, closures, designs, and pricing, the finished products are finally here.

We will be launching three color ways of our exclusive self finishing design in white, indigo, and brown on June 14th at 12pm ET. In addition to the bags, the Penny Linn brand has also created a handful of wonderful inserts to be used and swapped out for each occasion.

We're proud to partner with LIKHÂ whose name means "to create" and whose products are all sustainably-sourced, ethically-made pieces ranging from home décor to fashion accessories. In May of 2024 LIKHÂ announced their NEST Seal Certification and acceptance into the Fair Trade Federation.

"Our products are crafted from natural, eco-friendly materials including natural straw and plant fiber, coco coir, sustainably-sourced shells, and recycled wood.  Designed in collaboration with our artisans, each item is painstakingly made by hand and features a blend of intricate traditional techniques and modern design."

LIKHÂ's mission is to empower Filipino artisan families to overcome poverty by reimagining time-honored local craft for the global marketplace. LIKHÂ works with over 200 artisans across 10 different communities spread across the Philippines who are true masters of their crafts. Different communities specialize in creating different products depending on the resources in their area and the skills that they specialize in! 

You can meet the women behind LIKHÂ's "clutch community" here!  

Learn more about the brand here

Read LIKHÂ's orgin story in Martha Stewart's self-made series

Fair Trade / Nest Certification Press Release

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