How to Use Gardenia Points - FAQ

Gardenia Points are our way of thanking you for being a Penny Linn customer! To access your Gardenia Points you will want to use a desktop computer and look for the Rewards button in the bottom left corner of the website.

When you click the button you will see this pop up! The first screen will give you the option to become a member or sign in to your existing account! Once you are logged in you will see your points, ways to earn, ways to redeem and your referral link! 

 Ways to Earn: 

You can earn Gardenia Points by signing up, placing orders, liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram and celebrating a birthday! Make sure you let us know your birthday at least a month in advance - otherwise, you'll have to wait until next year!
Ways to Redeem: 
To redeem your Gardenia Points you'll want to click on 'Ways to Redeem' - if you decide you want to cash in your points you'll then click the 'redeem' button and a unique code will be sent to your email for you to enter at checkout!
Where to Redeem: 
Go to your shopping cart, click 'Checkout' and then enter your unique code in the promo code box. Please note that multiple codes can not be stacked and do not apply to customization.
If you have any other questions, or need more assistance, please email us at hello [at]

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