Tequila Cart Launch Details

As we’ve been hinting, Morgan from Morgan Julia Designs and I have been collaborating on something for quite awhile! 
We’re excited to be launching our limited edition collaboration this upcoming Friday, October 21st, at Noon EST! 
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We'll text you right when we launch so you won't miss it :) 
About the Collaboration
Morgan and I knew that we wanted to plan a dinner in Dallas and open it up to you all when we were going to be at market in October. (We just threw the event and it was so wonderful! Thank you to all who joined and made it so special!) 

When we were brainstorming, we knew we wanted to create a special canvas and needle minder for the event. We took some elements of both of our styles/designs and brought them together. The base was inspired by our Cane print and paired it with Morgan's Spritz Cart. We made it shades of blue & white (both of our favorite colors) and added shot glasses, limes, and a bottle of tequila onto the top of the cart. We named it our Blue Tequila Cart & we adore how it turned out! 
We even went farther to make a bag for our stitchers to take home. It features a lattice print that includes our logos, the limes from the cart, and bellflowers (a nod to our event in Texas!) And if you look closely, you can see that the 'lattice' is actually needlepoint needles. 
After creating our Blue Tequila Cart, we figured we should make a second design for those who may not love tequila - or may want a different color - so we created our Pink Rosé Cart. This cart is the same as the other but features rosé glasses, a wheel of cheese, and a bottle of rosé with a pink color palette instead! It's just as adorable (& who doesn't love cheese).

About the Launch

These 2 canvases & 1 needle minder will launch on both of our websites at 12pm EST on Friday, October 21st.

The first 5 people to buy both cart canvases (the pink and blue) on either website will receive a free PLD x MJD bag shown above!


Details about What's Launching

Blue Tequila Cart - PLD x MJD

Blue Tequila Cart is approximately 5.4" tall by 3.55" wide on 18 mesh and will be available as a canvas for $75. 

It features a blue and white cane design, 2 shot glasses, lime wedges, and a bottle of tequila. 


Pink Rosé Cart - PLD x MJD

Pink Rosé Cart is approximately 5.4" tall by 3.55" wide on 18 mesh and will be available as a canvas for $75. 

It features a pink and white cane design, 2 rosé glasses, a wheel of cheese, and a bottle of rosé. 


Blue Tequila Cart Needle Minder - PLD x MJD

Our Blue Tequila Cart Needle Minder is approximately 1.5" tall by 1" wide and will be available for $15.

It was made to match our Blue Tequila Cart Canvas and will come with 2 parts: a front with the design and a magnet for the back. 


A few more details...

  • Items tend to sell out fast, so we suggest getting on right at 12pm Noon EST to shop!
  • Products will be available on both of our websites.
  • If something sells out on our website, check out www.MorganJuliaDesigns.com to see if it's in stock there!
  • We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.
  • Orders over $150 in the US will ship for free! 
  • We do ship internationally, but we suggest our international customers look into ShopandShip.com or MyUS.com. These companies offer cheaper international shipping!
  • We cannot retroactively apply discount codes. 
  • Please allow a little extra time for orders to arrive. 

If you have any extra questions, please don't hesitate to email us at amanda@pennylinndesigns.com. We hope you are excited for this launch!

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