Virginia Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

Virginia stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 13 mesh
PVC zip project bag
Size 22 Bohin tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Planet Earth Silk Thread

PE Silk Midnight 102 (R, G, I, A) - Black

PE Silk Cloud 097 (R, I) - white

PE Silk Smolder 119 (V) - orange

PE Silk Sizzling 008 (I) - red

PE Silk Brick 006 (R, I, A) - darker red

PE Silk Burn Toast 023 (I, R, G, I, I) Bark brown

PE Silk Sunkissed 020 (I, G) Golden caramel brown

PE Silk Candlelight 024 (R, G, I, A) sand

PE Silk Blush 001 (I) light pink

PE Silk Kiss 016 (I) middle pink

PE Silk Heartthrob 131 (I) berry

PE Silk Cascade 216 (A) light grey

PE Silk Atmosphere 099 (A) middle grey

PE Silk Hampshire 217 (A) darkest grey

PE Silk Meadow 060 (R, G, I) lightest green

PE Silk Grass 048 (I) grass green

PE Silk Myrtle 063 (I) next darkest

PE Silk Evergreen 064 (I, R, A) darkest green

PE Silk Hydrangea 208 (I, N, A) sky blue

PE Silk Aquarius 085 (R, N)

PE Silk Mediterranean 079 (N)

PE Silk Atlantic 074 (V, I, N) navy

Basic tent stitch (Basketweave) used on all letters
Long Brick Stitch was used for the background

V - University of Virginia (can easily color swap for Virginia Tech Colors)

I - Triton Statue in Virginia Beach

R - Mount Vernon

G - Wild Horses

I - Dogwood (State Flower)

N - Blue Ridge Mountain

I - Cardinal (State Bird)

A - The Rotunda

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