Krista is a life and style blogger at Covering the Bases and founder of Penny Linn Designs. She currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, their newborn son, and calico cat.

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Her Beginning

Started in Santa Ana, CA. She was raised in Dallas, TX, attended high school in Lincolnshire, IL, and then college in Lexington, KY (Go Cats!). After graduation, Krista lived in New York City for seven years before planting roots in Fairfield County, CT.

She graduated from The University of Kentucky in 2013 with a degree in Business Communications and one month after graduation, moved to New York City for her job at Major League Baseball. She was with MLB for five years before leaving to work for herself full time. 

She met her now husband in 2013, and were married in September of 2019 in a small backyard wedding in Nantucket, MA. 

Covering the Bases

Then called Southern Shopaholic, started in 2012 as a way to document her life and showcase various outfits in college. Her blog soon became her creative outlet and (unkowningly) the basis of all her future endavors.

In early 2019, after may late nights and long weekends, she decided to make the blog her full time job.


Found it's beginning in April of 2020. After running out of canvases to stitch, Krista decided to try her hand at painting a needlepoint canvas and fell in love with the process.

Finding a hole in the market for younger canvas designs, blue and white accesories, and stylish project bags, she decided to bring her personal needlepoint wishes to life and Penny Linn Designs was born.

Over the following months, Penny Linn Designs would be created - in her one bedroom apartment in NYC - through a lot of love, excitement and hard work.

In September of that year, Penny Linn Designs launched and has since grown beyond her wildest dreams.

Penny Linn Designs is contantly evolving and expanding from bringing on new designers under The Collective, to fresh new canvases and fun accessories. With no idea too small and no wish too big, Krista is always looking to bring her wants and wishes for prodcuts and designs to life through the store.

We are so greateful to have you here.